Naudia Marie

Naudia Marie has been told that she has a cute looking pussy. But after today, her pussy isn't going to be so cute. You can tell she loves it too. Her lips get so fat, and so sensitive to the touch. Every little tap to her pussy drives her wild! Watch Naudia pump her pussy!

Krystal Jordan

Krystal Jordan wishes for a bigger pussy. So we here at Kick Ass Pictures gave her one... with the help of a Pussy Pump. Watch her petite pussy blow up to gigantic proportions and then see Krystal moan from the sensitivity. Her pussy looks so soft and plump that you'll want to lick ever inch of her fat pussy!

Amber Rayne

Two words to describe this scene... Fuckin' Dirty! Amber Rayne loves every part of the Pussy Pump experience. She has such a petite pussy, and when we introduced the Pump to it, boy did she turn into something else. Watch Amber give her tight little ass to her Black lover. That's right, a pumped pussy and anal sex! But the dirty part is when Amber takes it in her ass, then straight to her mouth! Anyone like ATM's? It's fucking hot!

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